Faking soft finger waves

I have been having fun playing with my new haircut this past week! I am loving it so much!!! I wish I had bobbed it earlier. Today I thought I would try faking finger waves for a 1920s feel. I was not looking for that plastered Marcel Wave look, but instead I wanted something a bit softer that would give the impression without looking costumey.  I had seen on Pinterest a while back someone use a curling iron to achieve the look. I am a moron though and I did not pin it, so I decided to just give it a go on my own. Here is what I did:
I used my curling iron and alternated clamping it on my hair starting at the roots upside down, then right side up. I continues alternating down the length of the hair curling the tip under and toward my face when I reached the bottom.
It gave me the desired results. I am quite pleased. If you want a more defined finger wave look I did find some tutorials after I did this where they use a similar method really bending the hair over the iron and then clipping the bend into place as the continue down the hair. The difference is with that method you get more of a ridge than I did. Here is a link to the video I found.

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  1. Very lovely! My first thought is that these look like finger waves that had been tousled by the wind on a sunny day at the beach. They're very approachable, if that makes sense in the context of a hairstyle, becoming and beautiful. A great every day vintage inspired style that would suit a lot of people well, I think.

    ♥ Jessica

    *PS* Thank you very much for your terrific comment on yesterday's post. I truly admire that your number one goal in life is to be a mother. The same was true of my own mom and it's something my younger sister yearns for as well. I feel that women who have such a strong drive to be parents are very often amongst the best ever and am sure that you fall squarely into that camp, too, sweet Jennifer. Your children are blessed to have such a devoted, fantastic mom who knows that as important as her children are and will always be, she also needs activities and passions that are her's outside of the sphere of parenting. Acknowledging this is something it's often too easy for parents to forget to do and as a result they may risk resenting their children and/or roll because it seems like their whole lives revolve around their kids and almost nothing else.

    I think you're on a great track and wholeheartedly wish you success with all of your sites.

    ♥ Jessica

  2. So cute! I might try this soon too.

  3. This is so sweet. I've always loved that soft wavy bob and you did it! Adorable.

  4. This look is so pretty! I miss my short hair sometimes, can't wait till I finally get it cut that length again!


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