Color Stories IV- Turquoise

Turquoise and aqua are newer obsessions of mine. I used to not be so fond of them, but tastes evolve, and now I can't get enough. I suppose it is the shabby chic influence. Such a perfect hue for spring! All of the photos are linked to their source just as in color stories part I, II, and III so click away and happy Etsy shopping.

Image Map Vintage Fashion, Vintage Inspired Art


  1. I predict that turquoise will be the next big color. So stock up! How's your shiny hair?

    1. I sure am loving turquoise I need more of it in my life!!!
      lol, my shiny hair is fine...still adjusting to this no poo regime. I got it cut shorter so I am hoping that will help it be a bit more manageable, though it will put an end to the pony tails, sigh.


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