Incorporating a 1920s influence without looking costume-y

I have been really into the looks of the 1920s and 1930s lately. I have always loved those eras but I have not incorporated them into my look all that much, it seemed too impractical I guess. I do not like to appear as if I am in costume...unless of course I am. So, the question now is how to allow the 1920s to influence my look in a way that feels appropriate for modern life. My rule of thumb for this is to pick and choose aspects from the overall look without going head to toe authentic. Here are some examples of looks both authentic and modern that are inspiring me.

Hair- The bob, the faux bob, "finger waves," cloche style hats, head scarfs, and hair adornments.
Sources from left to right: The Bob1&2,Finger waves3&4,Faux Bob5&6 Cloche,7&8, Head Scarf 9&10, Other hair accessories11,12,13,14(this one is for sale on Etsy),15,16
Clothing- Delicate flowy Fabrics, Pull over blouses, knit sweaters, drop waists, asymmetric hems, seamed stockings, fishnets hosiery, T-strap heels, heeled oxfords, long coats with fur trim, and art deco accents.

Sources from left to right: blouses 1&2, knit sweaters 3&4, drop waist 5&6, handkerchief hemline 7(Etsy)&8, Seamed stockings 9&10, patterned stockings 11&12, wide leg pants 13&14, coats 15&16 (Etsy), shoes 17&18 (Mod cloth) jewelry 19&20 (Etsy)
I believe the key to making these 1920s inspired looks modern and fresh is to select one or two aspects to mix with more modern looks. Here are some looks that I have been playing with lately.

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  1. Oh Jen. You have nailed it! So cute.

  2. Thanks Connie, It is a look I have not attempted much but I am really liking it right now!


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