White Christmas

These last several days around my house have been very unproductive. After out trip to TN , which was a whirlwind of fun, we came back and I was all set to kick the Christmas preparation into high gear...but instead sickness hit. It hit my youngest first and the poor dear was miserable for three solid days. Fevers up to  104.5! It was awful, so instead of preparing we spent time cuddling on the couch, and then I got sick. I guess you can't cuddle a sickly babe without catching it yourself. Today is day three and I am feeling better at the moment though I am still achy. Yesterday was the worst of it for sure. I stayed in bed almost all day. I did however have the chance to watch White Christmas with Bing Crosby on Netflix. The girls came in and got into it too, how could they not it is a charming little movie, with fabulous dance sequences, pretty ladies in gorgeous frocks, dapper gentlemen, and it's a musical. What's not to love? 
Via Screen captures
Here are some of my favorite frocks from the movie.
Via Screen captures
Though the whole movie was fun to watch, my favorite scene was the one there the guys are impersonating the girls act to "Sisters" Very funny!
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Not a bad time for a sick day. Here's hoping your holiday is happy, HEALTHY, and fun!

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  1. Can you even believe Vera Allen's teeny tiny waist??? It must be all that dancing. Hope everyone feels better!

  2. Thanks. We are still sick but better than yesterday, so that is an improvement! I was marveling at the size of her waist as well! Crazy tiny!!!!


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