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at Frocks and Frivolities as I prepare a new batch of clothes for the shop. I though you all might like to see a bit of my work schedual.
 After finding my goods at various thrift shops, it is time to clean them. Some of them get a little soak in a tub either plain water, mild soap, or Oxi Clean depending on the fabric. Some just get spot cleaned or at home dry cleaning if I don't think they are good candidates for a soak. A very few just get deodorized with a spray of vodka or a tea tree oil water mixture or even a dry baking soda dusting then brushed with a clean soft brush. All garments are then hung out to dry or air out. I like to do this outside if I can, but the weather is often iffy here in the Pacific NW.

Next I inspect each garment for small flaws that can be fixed. Above is my mending pile, some for the store and some for us..."make do and mend!" It seams as if I am always mending something around here. Many of the pieces for the shop this round are wool, so there were a few moth holes to mend, and some buttons to replace...some hems to redo...

Next it is on to the steamer or the iron so that they look crisp and pretty for their photos! This time around I had a steamer catastrophe, half way through steaming my last dress the thing just started leaking water everywhere, I could not fix it :( it went to the place where steamers go to die. It was an old one that I had had since college, I knew it was not long for this world. Now I have a shiny new one to use for next time.

Next it is time to shoot them. I do not have a great set up here. We live in a tiny little duplex and there is not a blank wall anywhere, so I hang up a sheet from hooks on the ceiling in the living room, the lighting is terrible but I make do with the windows and a couple of clip on work lights I got at a hardware store.
Next it is time to edit the photos. Partly because of my terrible set up...and partly because of my terrible lack of skill, there is quite a bit of editing to do. This process takes me quite some time, which will have to be looked at in the future if I am to do this permanently. I hope that I will improve skill wise as I go, but I definitely need to invest in some better equipment and "studio" space at some point as well!

Finally it is time to list them! YAY!
Vintage Fashion, Vintage Inspired Art


  1. There is something so organic and old fashioned about your whole process that I really like. When you get so intimate with some of these items it must be difficult to let them go.

    1. It really is hard to part with some...it really helps when they don't fit, or if it is a style I don't really wear, but sometimes it is still hard, like the purple floral number in the link below. http://frocksandfrivolities.blogspot.com/2013/09/new-to-shop-purple-floral-dress.html


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