New to the Shop- Purple floral dress

I found this beautiful dress a few months back and I struggled with weather or not to keep it. I love, love, love this dress! Ultimately though, I decided to part wit it because it is just not a style I wear all that often and I really feel like a dress this beautiful deserves to be worn out and about, not hide away in the closet of a vintage hoarder...sigh. I did have to take her out for a little photo shoot...just to wear her one time before we part. So here she is in all her glory.


Dress- In shop now
Necklace- Flea Market
Shoes- Thrifted
Vintage Fashion, Vintage Inspired Art


  1. Gosh that neckline looks dreamy on you! And your hair is super pretty, and so is that color, and so are your shoes...;-)


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