Me, a photo history

The year was 1976, a tiny little me was born

Proof that I was once chubby
Dress up, always a favorite pastime of mine...still is ;)
Yes they are almost always Polaroids...it was the 70s people! Me Christmas 78 or 79 I think.
Rockn' the saddle shoes
One of my favorite family portraits (Pre sister that is) circa 1980

Another family photo, this time with sister included, looking very 80s here (I was obsessed with Orphan Annie, hence the perm)

Curled bangs, not as big as some, but they were the go to look(me on the left)
The beginning of my Hippie fascination, it would be a recurring theme that would carry me through early college. It helped that my parents still had a closet full of great clothing from the 60s and 70s.
1993 Bill Clinton's first inauguration, the glasses were my moms in the 60s, I loved those frames and wore them out!
College, probably 97/98, my first trip to NYC (I am on left)
This was the height of my initial Vintage interest. ( Though I had been shopping second hand for years, just not with a particular interest in vintage periods)The Gap swing dancing adds were on TV and swing clubs were in abundance. We went dancing weekly. I wish I had better pics from this time, but alas photography was not my thing. It was a fun time though. I used to love putting together my dance outfits from amongst my growing vintage collection.
This marks the beginning of my anti-fashion period. I met a boy and together we got rid of all of our possessions except bare necessities which could fit in the trunk of my Nissan Altima. All of my Vintage gone :( I lost a lot of great pieces during this transition but it was an amazing experience! Though I would love to have a few of those pieces back I would not trade that time of my life for anything. It was the start of my adult life with the man who would one day become my husband.
This period of anti-fashion continued for the next several years as I was usually broke and spending money on clothing was not a priority. I included this one because it shows my little pixie hair cut which I gave myself, with an electric razor...it was unfortunate for a month or so but I eventually emerged into the cut above which I loved!
The next several years we were busy getting our lives together and having kids, and being broke. I had a hard time justifying clothing to myself so I did not really start collecting again until recent years when I remembered how much I loved the hunt for the perfect vintage outfit. I am loving having a vintage outlet back in my life it is something that is mine, that is for me. I think sometimes when you have small children you tend to focus so much on them that you loose yourself in the process, I did for sure. Vintage, this blog, the blogs I read, and my Etsy shop have helped me to carve out a little space to just be me.
So there you have it, me in a nut shell.


  1. Great post, hun! I love all of the photos and the stories behind them. The pics of you as a little one are adorable!

  2. Oh you have always been adorable! And look at they great way your parents dress. No wonder you love vintage!


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